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Timesavers: Feature Video

Timesavers Re-Introduces MiniBelt, A Very Affordable Metal Deburring Machine, Tailor-made for Small to Medium Sized Metalworking Shops. March 26, 2014 Maple Grove, Minnesota Timesavers, acclaimed manufacturer of world-class widebelt abrasive finishing machines has recently re-introduced the MiniBelt to their line of metal deburring and finishing machines. Small- and medium- sized metalworking shops, as well as manufacturing cells in large factories can once again benefit from a world-class metal deburring solution with a minimal investment. The MiniBelt, with its highly developed features coupled with an affordable price, will once again help customers to quickly achieve a positive ROI by saving both time and money. From the 1960’s into the 1990’s over 1,000 MiniBelt machines were sold. They were popular because they were easy to operate and maintain, and many of those 30- and 40- year old machines remain in service today. As costs increased in the 1980’s and 1990’s, the machines became less popular, but through modern technology Timesavers can now offer the Minibelt at nearly half its 1998 price while maintaining its performance and robustness. Explaining the benefits of this new product, the President of Timesavers Greg Larson says, “The MiniBelt will be a favorite among metalworking shops that require the ability to perform light finishing and deburring without the cost of a production machine.  The MiniBelt uses 9”x48” sanding belts to help keep consumable costs low.  It includes a stand and castors so it is very easily pushed to its location, or it can be removed from its stand and mounted to a table or workbench.” This unique machine offers several benefits, most notably affordability, a small footprint, and low maintenance.   Some additional features include a 5 HP main motor, fast abrasive belt change, simple belt tracking adjustment, rubber covered contact drum, rough top conveyor belt, spring-loaded holddown rolls, and safety devices such as door interlocks and emergency stop buttons. About Timesavers: For over sixty years, Timesavers, Inc. has been providing widebelt abrasive finishing machines for surfacing wood, metal, plastics and a wide range of other materials. As a pioneer in sanding technology for the machine tool and woodworking industries, Timesavers leads the way in widebelt sanders. With unmatched service and support, over 50,000 machines from Timesavers are operating in the field today. Contact: info@timesaversinc.com www.timesaversinc.com
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